What We Do

Ruturaj Wirecut, a Kolhapur, India based company, was established in 1997, offers complete solutions for machining requirements. This includes product design, development of prototype and large volume production for Consumable Industries. Automobile Industries and Defense sector with state-of-art machineries and skilled, dedicated staff, backed by significant experience

Wire Cut EDM

EDM is a process of metal machining in which a tool discharges thousands of sparks to a metal workpiece. A non-conventional process, EDM works on parts resistant to conventional machining processes, but only if these parts are electrically conductive; usually, they are non-ferrous, and include steel, titanium, super alloys, brass, and many other metals. Instead of cutting the material, EDM melts or vaporizes it, leaving little debris and providing a very accurate line.

Precision machined components

We are the leading manufacturer of high performance precision machined components. These components are used throughout industries such as Automobile Engineering, Medical, printing Industry.

Jigs & Fixtures

We are the leaders in manufacturing Jigs & Fixtures. Jigs & Fixtures are special purpose tools which are used to facilitate production in mass scale. This eliminates the setting time required for respected component.